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PJ Grey
31 October

I live in San Francisco with my Father. It's a very cool city. (He's pretty cool, too.)

I'm a big fan of "Harry Potter" and old Charlie Chan movies and of pop music and pop performers.

I love "Tarzan" movies and "Bonanza" (especially Hoss) and "The Virginian" and lots of other cool shows and movies.

And I'm a big fan of the "American Idol" tv series.

In fact, you might want to consider joining my Dad's "AI" community:

Or his "AI" icon community:

If you're looking for communities here at LiveJournal, Dad says to check out the following:


[And to please help spread the word about these communities. Thanks.]

I'm excited to have my own email and LJ for the very first time! It should be fun getting to know more people online.


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